Aesthetically pleasing, environmentally friendly and economically a no-brainer!

LED Lighting is quickly becoming the norm in business premises across Australia. LED lights are radically different from the old inefficient fluorescent lights. The latest new LED panel lights are in the form of thin, flat panels of light. They have a minimalist, ultra-thin profile and are designed for easy retrofit into your existing infrastructure.

  • Opaque or transparent finish
  • Recessed, suspended and linear versions
  • Ultra-modern appearance
  • Multiple shapes, rectangle, square or circle

Your staff and customers will truly appreciate the benefits of our high quality LED Lights, colours will not be distorted but will appear true to life. No longer will you have to suffer under flickering fluorescent light, no longer will your customers have to step out in daylight to get proper view of an object you have on sale. LED lighting is the closest approximation to daylight possible.

Why LED Lighting?

The most efficient form of general lighting today . LED technology directs virtually all energy it consumes to generating light (instead of heat).
Solid­state technology is much less fragile and less susceptible to vandalism, breakage, or damage from high winds and vibration.

LED technology boasts a significantly longer life than traditional technologies, seeing up to 50,000+ hours lifespan.

Made with components not harmful to environment. Unlike fluorescent tubes, LED lights contain no mercury.

Low lumen depreciation rate.

Directionality and flexibility make uniformity ratios below 10:1 easily achievable.

Fully dimmable.

Easy to reduce light pollution effects due to inherent directionality of source.