Save on Energy with Ringfort

In a typical facility, lighting absorbs 50% of all your electricity costs. LED lighting represents a tremendous opportunity to significantly reduce your costs with a marginal upfront investment. In many instances a switch to LED lighting will deliver an energy saving up to 80% over traditional lighting. It is difficult to generalise on the energy consumption of any one business as, in reality, lighting requirements vary from business to business. To ensure you clearly know upfront the extent of energy savings you will gain after a lighting upgrade we can provide you with a detailed lighting audit explaining the cost benefits and return‑on‑investment schedule.

Give your Office / Store / Showroom a Makeover
Improved lighting quality has a positive impact on a business’s ability to promote and sell stock. In retail stores, LED lights have the effect of bringing the equivalency of daylight inside, they enhance your product and make it more visible to your customers.  Ensure a positive shopping experience with superior light quality!

Reduced Maintenance
Our LED lights have a long lifespan with little or no degradation of lighting output. As your maintenance team will no longer need to change light bulbs or tubes, they can be deployed to other tasks to support your business. Our LED lights are quite stunning, as well as being robust and will withstand harsh conditions.


  • Most energy-efficient form of lighting
  • Lowest watts/square metre, making it ideal for larger facilities
  • Versatile and can be tailored to a variety of facilities and locations
  • LEDs available for carparks, manufacturing areas, retail, office space and indoor/outdoor areas
  • Long lifespan, which reduces ongoing maintenance and replacement costs.

To save up to 80% on your electricity expenditure, call Ringfort today to arrange a free energy audit. (02) 8006 2007 or 0403 431 679