LED Safety

Safe for you, your staff and the environment

LED lights are extremely safe. There is no glass, no filament, no liquid mercury, no UV rays and they generate almost no heat. Ringfort’s new LED light panels are in the form of thin, flat panels of light, they are solid-state low powered electronic devices that create the best possible lighting for almost any environment.
In addition to safety features already mentioned, the following can be considered features of the technology and will make your office or business an improved environment for your staff and customers:

• LED lights do not contain liquid mercury which is an essential environmentally hazardous component of fluorescent tubes
• Due to the low power draw of LED lights your power board will require less maintenance and have a longer shelf life
• LED lights won’t fade, whereas traditional lights will deteriorate in luminosity
• LED lights don’t flicker, fluorescent light flickering is linked to serious health issues such as migraine
• LED lights will never blow or explode, thus much less likely to start a fire
• Reduced maintenance requirements
• LED lights are sealed and insects are unable to enter them.

Additionally, LED lights do not emit UV. UV emissions cause fading of furnishings, textiles and painted goods. UV radiation also induces degenerative changes in cells of the skin, fibrous tissue and blood vessels leading to premature skin aging.

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